Young driver insurance

What you need to understand and agree to should you purchase a policy

  • You agree to:

    • Fit a self-install Smartbox within your vehicle
    • Upload a photo of the Smartbox once installed within the vehicle
    • Download the Co-op Smartphone App

    This is how we monitor your driving style. You'll be able to see your driving scores via the Smartphone App and where you need to improve. Your score will be reviewed at renewal and is one of many factors which may increase or decrease your renewal.

    Find out more about Smartbox

  • Driving at dangerous times

    If you regularly drive between the hours of 10pm and 4am, your safe driving score may be negatively affected, as our data shows that the worst road traffic accidents are more likely to happen at this time.

  • We'll cancel your policy before it ends if you consistently drive dangerously or at excessive speeds

    If this happens you may find it difficult to get cover elsewhere as a result.

  • We won't insure you to drive any other cars

    Our Young driver insurance only covers you and any named drivers to drive the car covered on your policy. You won't have insurance to drive any other cars.

  • Changing your car

    If you change your car before the policy end date, a charge will apply to get your self-install Smartbox set up in your new car. Refer to our Terms of Business Agreement for more information.

  • Managing and protecting your data

    To find our more about how we use your information, please review our privacy notice.

Before you go too far, in order to qualify for this insurance policy you will need to have a valid email address and access to the internet to review your personal dashboard. Here are the assumptions on which your quote will be based. You will be asked to check and confirm your agreement to these later in the quotation process.

Important - Please ensure the information you provide is accurate. Your quotation will be based on the answers you give to our questions and the assumptions which you agree reflect your circumstances. Incorrect information could invalidate all or part of the policy.

Please note that it is important you read carefully the Help text which accompanies some questions and provides additional explanation.